Miscellaneous Projects

Brochures, newsletters, emails, etc.

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Upriver Ceramics Newsletters

Editing and formatting completed for a collection of newsletters for Upriver Ceramics, LLC.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Responses developed to address customer questions regarding school programming.

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Gifted Services Brochure

Informational brochure for parents of Gifted students in the school district.

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Gator Gazette, 6-8 School Paper

Editing, formatting, and layout completed for a student-generated school paper.


Speech for the Triumph Event 2017

Transcript of the speech written for the Holocaust Museum and Education Center of SWFL's Triumph Event.

Web Copy for Got Sneakers

Rewrote and revamped copy for all pages on the site, including Home, FAQ, Get Involved, and Support pages.

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