Education Portfolio

Communication to shareholders, webpage copy, and educational materials that detail processes and procedures for a variety of subjects, from standard operating procedures to software usage.

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Testing Software

Process Guide

Procedural document for navigating testing website to create test sessions.

Testing Software 

Administration Procedures

Procedural document for administering online testing to students.

Website Troubleshooting Guide

A procedure guide for troubleshooting software during online test administration.

Instructional Flowchart

Flowchart detailing the distribution, completion, and collection process for teacher reference.

IMACS Website Landing Page

Email campaign and landing page copy written for online enrichment math program.

Student Application for Academic Programming

A student application for advanced academic programming.

Middle School Programming Letter

Communication with shareholders clarifying the accelerated programming available to middle school students.

Parent Letter for Documentation

Formal communication with shareholders for compliance and documentation purposes for the school district.

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