Kristina A.

Marketing Director at Green Dot Advertising

I've been in the ad agency world for almost a decade and have worked with many different copywriters. I know during the first conversation if a copywriter is going to be good or great by the questions he or she asks. Does the copywriter ask background questions about the client's company and culture? Does the copywriter want to do competitive research? Does the copywriter want to see examples of previous work that has been successful? Ali came in and asked the right questions, did her research, and delivered work that was spot on... which is why we hired her for a second project right after she finished the first! I'm looking forward to working with Ali on many more projects! 

Gabby H.

Project Manager at Green Dot Advertising

Working with Ali was a breath of fresh air. She was able to complete all tasks (even the ones with short notice) in a timely manner. So far, I have worked with Ali on a few different projects for 3 different clients in 3 completely different industries. Ali was able to clearly understand each client's vision just as well as she was able to change direction when needed. I look forward to working with Ali on future projects!

Mario B.

President & CCO at Green Dot Advertising

It was a pleasure working with Ali. She brought valuable insights and copy concepts to the online education account and she seemed to handle the tight turn with ease. I look forward to challenging her again soon.

Angela V.

Alison's working style is quick, efficient, on point. She is independent, knows what she has to do and does it with quality in mind. She takes pride in her work and is confident. She is self-driven and a reader/learner, so she catches up fast and informs herself when needed. She works very well alone, however she is a team player and offers mentorship and support when and where needed. She is a problem-solver, a combination of intelligence, comprehension, prioritizing, communication skills, etc. etc., and she excels at all of them.

Brittany G.

Alison is extremely adept at processing and disseminating information, particularly through writing.  Though she can be extremely logical at times, her creative side is always peeking through. She's always one of the first people I come to when I have to make a major decision, or when I have something I need to process. She is reliable, empathetic, nonjudgmental, and patient. I’ve always appreciated her ability to listen without judgment, and to offer advice without pushing.

Loren I.

Alison's biggest strength is her knowledge of grammar! As a former writing planner I enjoyed sharing ideas with her. Her knowledge and ability to teach writing is a strength that more people should utilize. She always has a positive work attitude towards any situation. She has a strong work ethic, she doesn't slack off with any tasks that need to be completed.  She is hard working, proactive, productive, and reliable.

Valerie M.

Alison is extremely knowledgeable and willing to share that information. She is approachable, and whenever I need help, she greets me in a welcoming manner. She never disappoints when I need help planning reading or writing. She always takes the time to brainstorm for ideas until we hone in what it is I’m looking for. She's meticulous. She knows what is expected of her and always rises to the occasion. She always makes sure to dot her I's and cross her t’s. Based on what I have seen, when she commits to a project, she gives it 100%. She doesn’t settle for mediocre.

Shawna C.

Alison's unique ability is her knowledge of editing writing. She is a great resource to help read writing samples and help find strengths and areas of improvement.  She maintains a positive and professional attitude. She is reliable and someone I can count on to help with any questions I may have.


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